Luca Eyring


I am an ELLIS PhD student in the Explainable Machine Learning Group at the University of Tübingen under the supervision of Zeynep Akata and Alexey Dosovitskiy (Google Berlin). I am broadly interested in generative modeling, representation learning, and optimal transport.

I pursued a Bachelor in Informatics at LMU Munich and a Master specializing in Machine Learning at Technical University of Munich, during which I was fortunate to partake in a number of research projects. I worked on early-stage Alzheimer’s classification together with the LMU Department of Nuclear Medicine, on Transfer Learning for audio classification under Stephan Günnemann which I continued as a working student at BMW, and completed my Master’s thesis at Helmholtz Munich, supervised by Niki Kilbertus and Fabian Theis.

Selected Publications


  1. LMRL_preview.png
    Modeling Single-Cell Dynamics Using Unbalanced Parameterized Monge Maps
    Luca Eyring*, Dominik Klein*, Giovanni Palla*, and 4 more authors
    Contributed Talk at NeurIPS Meaningful Representations of Life Workshop, 2022.